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Consultation and Supervision

What's The Difference Between Consultation vs. Supervision?

        The differences between the two are a matter of legal liability and also relational.  A clinical supervisor has some legally liability and responsibility for their supervisees.  The supervisor is responsible for and must monitor the actions of those they supervise.​

        The consultant is a person who assisting other therapists clinically and/or ethically, however the therapist(s) would ultimately be responsible for their choices after the guidance they receive.  The consultant is not legally liable for the actions of the consultee because the consultee would already be a licensed practitioner.

Services I Provide

* Clinical Supervision for Students
* Clinical Supervision for LPC's working towards their LCPC Licensure, LMSW's for their LCSW Licensure
* Clinical Supervision and Collaboration for Therapists working towards  establishing their own private practice. 
* Consultation for LPC and LCPC, LMFT, LMSW, and LCSW
* Consultation for EMDR Therapists, Consultation for EMDR therapists for Certifications


        I have been a clinical supervisor since 2002.   I am a registered Supervisor with the Bureau of Occupational Licenses.  In my career and for 10 years, I was a Clinical Director and Clinical Supervisor for a local Mental Health Clinic.  In addition and to date continue to supervise therapists through my private practice helping clinicians work towards their LCPC, LMFT, LCSW.  

        I love supervising and helping professionals develop themselves clinically through helping them explore their gifts, talents and passions. The goal of supervision is to help therapists develop their clinical skills to include proficiency with assessment and diagnostics, treatment planning, case conceptualization and moving the client towards their goals


Extenders and Private Practice


       I have a passion for helping those clinicians who want to move into private practice.  Building and running a mental health center for a decade and running a private practice for over 25 year, I have a wealth of knowledge on how to set up the business side of a clinical practice as well as all the necessary clinical and ethical pieces of running a private practice.  

       I have helped many therapists open their practice and supervised their clinical hours along the way.  You will be given both the clinical  and business components and oversight of setting up your practice, while being supervised for your advanced clinical license.  Currently in the state of Idaho, LMSW are not able to be in "private practice" but can engage in "independent practice".  I offer the ability to work as a contractor in independent practice.  If your goal is to get your LCSW and set up your own private practice this a great opportunity to work towards that goal.  You will be provided all the important and necessary business and clinical oversight for getting yourself established for private practice.   You will also have the ability to extend my Blue Cross Contract and have access to helping more people who have insurance. 


     I provide EMDR Consultation for clinicians seeking help with challenging cases as well as EMDR Consultation for those therapists who are working towards EMDR Certification.   

        I also provide consultation for therapists who are seeking clinical or ethical guidance and support.

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