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Counseling and EMDR Therapy

My Counseling Practice

I work with teens and adults in an individual setting, and although I do not specifically work with couples or families, I will collaborate with family members as part of an individual’s process when appropriate and when requested by the client. I specialize in trauma work, and have a general practice with training and passion for working with depression and anxiety, women’s issues, grief and loss, life adjustments, spiritual exploration, and support for families of gifted and talented and twice exceptional children.


My approach to treatment is based on a variety of techniques and psychological theories that are tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs. I believe in a holistic approach that recognizes that the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of each person comprise a system, and I attempt to treat the whole person in this context. I have advanced training in working with trauma, and use EMDR as my primary therapeutic tool, with the aid of many other therapy techniques including internal family systems, attachment theory, mindfulness based stress reduction, and existential theory. I also love using art, creativity and the imagination as tools, and I will integrate creative techniques into therapy with clients who are open to the process.

I know from doing this work for over 15 years that the best answers are often the ones already inside of us. My goal is to help you find the answers that lie within you; this can be a scary and overwhelming process, but once we overcome our fears, the opportunities for growth are endless. 

EMDR Therapy

I began using EMDR in 2014 and it has transformed my practice and approach to trauma treatment. After many years of working with clients with trauma, I realized that although clients were getting better, they were still suffering from some lingering physical and/or emotional effects of trauma. There are many reasons why EMDR works, but there is also a magic to EMDR that I just can’t explain.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a therapy technique that allows people to heal from the symptoms and distress resulting from traumatic experiences.  By adding an external bilateral stimulus (eye movement, tapping and/or audio stimulation) and using a variety of protocols and procedures, EMDR allows the whole brain and body to participate in trauma resolution. EMDR can help speed up the process of trauma healing, allowing clients to more quickly reach their therapeutic goals. EMDR therapy helps both the mind and body heal from trauma, reducing the distress associated with traumatic events and changing the cognitions we attach to those traumas. The brain is designed to be adaptive, and once we remove barriers to healing, we move naturally towards healing and health.



For a more detailed explanation and for more information please visit the EMDR Institute.


You can also find information and resources at the EMDR International Association.

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